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Having a high degree of technological expertise, we are able to extend new technologies into different areas of activity, creating new improved ways for addressing currrent needs and designing breakthrough solutions for specific unsolved problems.
Bridging the gap from ideas to products.
Using the latest 3D printing technology we are supporting our partners with high quality, very short time response and experienced consultancy 3D printing projects in many different areas as video/audio specific solutions, automotive parts, consumer gadgets, architecture/designers scale models, trade marketing items. We offer complete solutions, from graphical 3D modulation, design improvement, small series manufacturing planification and production. Materials vary from PLA plastics, to wood up to large scale expanded plastic foams (polyuretan, etc) 3D figures (2,70 m x 1,75m x 0,90 m).




We have designed and build a wide range of cost effective systems and solutions based on high-tech electronics and in-house developed embeded firmware. Examples are customised and proprietary data looging systems, control systems for power efficiency solutions, wireless programmers for smart powergrid meters, high-performance anatomic tech support tools, Electrical traction motor controlers, automotive parts engineering, specifically electronically controlled systems.


We can provide turnkey solutions or take responsability for project specific phases in partnership with other companies.


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